Why Choose WordPress

Whether you are a business proprietor, an artist or even an individual looking for internet presence, you have to have heard of the word WordPress somewhere while looking for answers in the internet. Allow me to show you why WordPress is the perfect option because you content management system (CMS).

It’s free

This may come as a product obvious, but one of the best things about WordPress is that it is free and open source. There is no monthly subscription to pay and there’s no one big cash payment. It is perfect for business start-ups who do not have a large amount of money to invest on custom-made internet sites made from scratch. Being open source, you do not have to worry about no matter what functionality you need as there’s likely anyone who has launched a plugin for which. Even if you can’t discover that performance you need there’s always the option of hiring a person to develop that plugin for you for cheap.


It’s widely used

With a whopping 58.7 % market share, it’s not surprising that WordPress websites are very trendy. Even Joomla, the second in the list is left far behind at just 6.6 % of market shares. WordPress may be so extensively use which even some notable businesses, like Mozilla, Wall Street, NASA and even popular artists like Beyonce or Snoop Dog use WordPress as their CMS of choice. In case they chose WordPress, why should not you?

It’s not difficult to use

WordPress sites are easy to use. Just install it and you are completely ready there not a lot of technical and hard to understand configuration needed apart from installing it, and also better some hosting businesses have WordPress provide WordPress installation services for free, or ensure it is pre-installed so there is less work for you to do.

It is SEO ready

Among the most crucial things for an online business is usually to be found easily in WordPress and online search engine renders it easier for you. WordPress makes it easier for online search engine as Bing or Google to crawl the website of yours easily and quickly so that it is really helpful for search engine optimization. to be able to make things much more effectively for you, you will find a lot of SEO plug-ins which make things even easier for you, especially if you don’t have a large amount of technical knowledge.

It is adaptable

WordPress may be used for a lot of kinds of sites, from simple portfolios, to e-commerce to business internet sites WordPress has everything. By way of a a plethora of countless plugins & extensions WordPress has surely something for your needs. And if by any chance, you cannot find something which fits the objective of yours, you are able to easily have one make one yourself or have one intended for you.

It’s secure

WordPress is constantly being updated by the developers of its to avert the would be hackers of the popular CMS. Plug-in as well as extension developers also continually update the products of theirs to offer much better security, just be careful of where you get the plug-ins of yours as you might install a plug in with malware.

These’re the reasons why I think you should consider WordPress for your internet site.

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